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Coaching & Mentoring

I have mainly focussed on coaching ‘leading lights’ – next generation leaders – who are likely to exercise significant leadership roles in education, the charitable sector, politics and government, public and corporate life.

I enjoyed a successful career in the public sector, undertaking a wide range of roles, from a graduate teacher, specialising in modern foreign languages, business and tourism studies, to leadership of two large colleges of further education and three major governmental digital and e-services initiatives - the UK government’s flagship e-learning initiative learndirect now in private ownership, UK online centres now operating as a successful independent social enterprise charity Good Things Foundation and GOV.UK one of the most effective governmental e-services for citizens worldwide.

Since 2005, I have worked in the private sector as a non-executive director focusing on governance, technology, human resources, ethics and public affairs, at the same time as fulfilling public and charitable sector non-executive roles in health, regeneration and economic development, the environment and national security.

My coaching and mentoring style is supportive, exploratory, constructively challenging and outcome focused. I have personally encountered many of the challenges faced in today’s business and public life, and as a trained therapist, I am equipped to deal with any emotional issues that may arise through coaching.

Having found myself in a leadership position at a young age, I am particularly interested and experienced in coaching younger and aspiring leaders who are at critical or transitional points in their own careers and who seek coaching to enable them to take the next steps on their journey to becoming leading lights in their chosen field of endeavour.

Over the last 20 years, I have mentored and coached scores people who have gone on to achieve some of the highest positions in local and national government, as well as in the public, voluntary and community sectors, education, business and the civil service.

What I do


"As Chief Executive, Ann supported and guided me and steered the organisation to go from strength to strength."
Helen Milner OBE Chief Executive, Good Things Foundation


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