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Mystical Experience or Medical Emergency? Cold Water Sea Swimming Part 4

05 May 2021

Whilst what you witness on the short clips may look and sound like a mystical experience (and there is a part of me that did find the whole experience mystical), there is also a verifiable medical explanation for what happened to me as I succumbed to a bout of transient global amnesia (TGA]) - all of which is captured in my video monologues. Over a period of about six minutes, a repetitive loop of the same thoughts are spoken into my iPhone: ‘This is so beautiful’, ‘this is amazing’, ‘where am I?’, ‘how did I get here’, ‘where’s my towel?’, ‘perhaps I didn’t bring a towel’, ‘there’s the church’, ‘how did I get here?’, ‘it’s just so beautiful’, ‘I feel amazing’, ‘there’s St Cuthbert’s Island’, ‘I’m not cold’, ‘where’s my towel?’, ‘there’s the church’, ‘what is happening?’, ‘it’s extraordinary’, ‘I feel transformed’, ‘I don’t know how I got here’, ‘there’s Cuthbert’s island’, ‘there’s the church’ ‘how did I get here?’, ‘what’s happening to me?’, ‘I feel transformed’, ‘I’m not cold’ (still only in bathing costume).